Dear Leaf and Potato - unusual exercise, fantastic results.

Trevor Hill asked his students to pretend that they were leaves falling from a tree. Then he asked the leaves to write farewell letters to the trees. Later on, students made friends with real potatoes. Just as they got to know each other, Trev asked them to return their potatoes and write poems about their friendship. Here are samples of our students work coming out of this unusual yet fantastic activity.



I'm one of your leaves. I'm free! But not really happy because I don't know where I am going. The wind decides. We have passed many good moments and some bad ones but I really miss you.

Your leaf.

Dear Tree,

I feel so left out, the leaves lying next to me are all making fun of me because I'm dark blue, and the other leaves are all dead....

Do you think I could come back, I'd rather be the only one on your tree than feeling left out like this, I would like to bring my girlleave with me, I'm so in love. You understand...

Please, can I?


I thought we were meant together

I thought you'd stay until with me until the end

I thought you were good

I thought you were special

I thought you liked me

I thought you loved me

But no, you're just a potato


I'm trying to forget,

Everything we've ever had,

Can't get you off my mind,

Coz you you were always so kind,

Broke my heart in the end,

You should've never took my hand.

Oh Potato, smile

Cause that's when ur the prettiest.
potato, my dear,
it's no matter for me
maybe you will die in the sea
maybe you won't miss me
I didn't love you
I didn't know you
I won't miss you
I won't see you
You will be happy with other potatoes
I know
someone will eat you
but who, I don't know.
Dear Potato Cherie
I love you so much
That I want to see you
You're so good looking
That I could eat you
I feel so wrong
Without you, potato
I'll starve if you,
Don't, come back
all my love
These are just some of the marvellous pieces created. Congratulations to all participants!