Workshop Presentations

'Classy' front cover
Aswell as having English skills lessons at Shrewsbury, the students also have to pick workshop activities.  These are separate to their skills classes and they are encouraged to work in different groups to create something to present to the school, such as a music video, travel guide or TV programmes, in an effort to use the new language they have learnt.  This week we have also offered them the chance to make, design and edit a magazine.  The result was a very feminine "Classy", and a more travel orientated magazine, "The Travelling Artist," and these were shown to the rest of the students on Tuesday's presentation evening.

The Travelling Artist

Features included the most popular songs amongst students at Shrewsbury, fashion advice, and a section on some of the boys on campus!  Other articles talked about travelling to the various countries where the budding journalists come from, and the latest Harry Potter film.

All in all, an absolutely fantastic effort, well done boys and girls!  We'll upload some more presentations next week.