Murder Mystery

Extract from the Shrewsbury Business Journal

Students of DS Shrewsbury 2011 assisted police with a murder investigation on Saturday Night.  Mr Sirius Sidney was found dead in his office in Shipley Manor on the family estate.

Mr Sidney was discovered by his business associate Ms Antonia Ashton on Saturday morning.  He was last seen the night before at a family gathering in the nearby Alington Hall.

With the assistance of D.I. Crispin Kingsland and Prof. Horton Mince Crabtree, the students gathered evidence and interviewed witnesses.

The Sidney Family Tree

Official Police Statement

Crime Scene Photograph 1
Crime Scene Photograph 2

Forensic Evidence
Forensic Evidence 2

At the reading of Sirius' will it was revealed that he and Antonia had a secret son - Ashley!  Ashley was angry that he had never known his father and had poisoned his wine!

Mr Sidney's Will

 Mr Sidney's son and murderer - Mr Ashley Ashton

P.S. Thank you very much to all the students and actors involved.  Your efforts are very much appreciated.