Active English Week 2


Rocket Shooting!

Hi we are the ghosts of Shrewsbury. We don’t know what we are writing so we just show some funny photos and comment on them. In this photo me and my friend Floriano are with our rockets both named “Italian Star”.
We made this rocket with a big water bottle, cardboard and (for the top) a lot of scotch and tissue paper to do Italian flag.
After this photo we tried to launch our rocket but it was impossible because the pomp was broken, so we are very sad.

BY Floriano &Edoardo

Zombie Attack!!!!

On 15th July the school of Shrewsbury had a really terrifying zombie attack.
Basically, the evening activity was a relaxing one, but suddenly the zombies attacked the theatre.
The students had the task of finding all the zombies that were hiding in the school and stick on them some blue and yellow stickers (the colours of the two groups).
The second challenge was not to be infected by the zombies, running away along the big cricket pitch. The people who were infected had a cross on their hand and they were automatically disqualified from the game.

By  Aude, Cleila and Adele

Get your own back!

Our Saturday the evening activity was ‘GET YOUR OWN BACK’, in which we had to complete challenges for our colour groups. Winners decided which member of staff they wanted to get gunged. It was a sort of revenge against Wednesday’s evening activity
‘Do or Die’!!!
The winners decided to gunge Jack, Alice and Fraser with green slime…   ...disgusting!
By Chiara, Julia and Blanca

On Sunday 17th of July we visited the city of Liverpool, we went there by coach and the journey was one hour and a half. When we arrived there we first visited the Maritime and Slavery museum. After visiting the museums we went to have lunch on the grass, and discovery summer gave us sandwiches. When we finished eating, we went to Liverpool One, the most famous shopping centre of Liverpool, where we spent three hours shopping.
At Discovery Summer, when you are 12 or younger, you have to do the shopping with the Activity Leader, but when you are 13 or older you can go shopping in groups of 3 or more and have to do registers every hour. Overall, we had a great day out.

By Cristina and Marta