British Tea Party & British Games

Yesterday afternoon the Japanese students together with student hosts enjoyed British Tea Party.

They learnt some useful expressions:

It’s raining cats and dogs – It is raining heavily.
He is such a couch potato – he is very lazy.
Blimey - an exclamation of surprise
We are having a good old chin wag a chat or brief conversation.

I’m feeling a bit peckish – a bit hungry.
I’m so chuffed – I’m so pleased, delighted.
Jolly good – very good
Cheerio - friendly way of saying goodbye
Gobsmacked – amazed
Absolutely spiffing – brilliant
What a load of tosh – what a load of rubbish!

They also learnt hot to eat scones in two different ways: the Cornish way - jam first and then cream & the Devon way - cream first and then jam.

Later they played some British games.
Hopscotch, Donkey Tail & Hula Hoop